Unity’s Timeline Animation

How to use the Timeline Animation

Objective: Demonstrate how to use Timeline for Animations

In the last article, Introduction to Timeline, I showed how to use Unity’s Timeline feature to cut between two cinemachine shots. In this article, I show how I used Timeline Animation for two different parts of my cutscene.

  1. Activate an Animation Clip
  2. Animate the camera to pan the “over the shoulder” shot

Activate a 3D model’s Animation

In my SleepingGuardCitSceneTimeline, I am going to press the Add button and add the Animation Track.

Next, in the Hierarchy Window, the Actors have the Animation Controller component on it. I’ll drag Actors onto the Animation Track.

On the Animation Track, there are 3 dots that represent the menu, open the menu and select Add From Animation Clip. Next, pick the animation, in my case I selected Get Card Animation.

I am going to increase the length of the CM Mid Shot to finish at the same time as the Animation.

Press Play on the Timeline window to preview.

Nice! There is now an animation that occurs while we blend between the cameras. In the next article, I will show how I make the key card disappears during the cut scene and demonstrate one way to pan a camera.

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