New Feature — Thruster Cooldown


  • Activate thruster when the player presses LEFT SHIFT
  • Limit time of thruster activation
  • Cooldown before able to use thruster again
  • Provide feedback to the player using UI

In this article, I will demonstrate how I implemented a thruster cooldown system with on-screen feedback to let the player when they can activate the next one.

On-Screen Elements

In the first section, I will create feedback on the screen to let the player know when the thruster was activated and when the it can activated again by the use of a progress bar

Add to an existing UI Canvas (or one will be created), UI | Slider.

Position Slider where you would like on the screen.

Change the Transition to None. Navigation to None.

I am using a Red fill and have created a background in Photoshop that I will use.

Remove the Handle image from the Slider

Finally, I added a UI Image and dragged it over the left side of the Slider to indicate what the bar is for.

Thruster Behaviour

Create the Thruster script and attach it to the Slider which I had named ThrusterUI.

In the script, there are three variables to hold the reference to the slider, how fast the bar replenishes and is the thruster activated flag.

I have a Start method to set the maximum value for the thruster.

The Update method handles replenishing or reducing the bar

There are two public methods, one to activate the thruster and the other to return if the thruster is on or off.

In the Player Movement script:

  • thrusterMultiplier — increase the speed
  • isThrusterActive — is the thruster active
  • ThrusterBar — reference to the UI Slider ThrusterBar script

The Start method to store the reference to the ThrusterBar script

In the GetInput we now look out for when the LEFT SHIFT key is pressed and activates the thruster

In the Move method, we check if the thruster is active and add an additional if-else and if active then use the Thruster Modifier to affect the Move Speed.

Now when the player presses the LEFT SHIFT, the thrusters activated causing the moving speed of the player to increase by the thruster multiplier for a few seconds and is not available till the bar is full again.

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A Data & Analytics Consultant who is expanding into developing experiences in XR, Enterprise and Gaming space using Unity

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Jean-Noel Seneque

Jean-Noel Seneque

A Data & Analytics Consultant who is expanding into developing experiences in XR, Enterprise and Gaming space using Unity

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