Lining up Audio & Visual to Build Cutscenes in Unity

In this article, we will have a look at mixing audio with Cinemachine cutscenes. In the Hierarchy view, I have VoiceOver and Background Musics game objects, both with an Audio Source component. At this stage, this is all we need to do because Timeline will add the clips to the audio source.

Next, in the Timeline, add an Audio track. Rename this to Voice Over.

Add an Audio Track to the Timeline

Drag on the voice-over audio clip.

Adding audio to Audio Track

Drag on the VoiceOver game object.

Adding game object with Audio Source component

We will now do the same steps for adding background music and then create a Track group to organise them.

Grouping the audio into a Track group

Prior to this, the animated cutscenes were created, and now we have an opportunity to fine-tune the transitions between scenes lining them up with the voice-over audio.

That is it for a quick look at how to line up audio to cutscenes.

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