How to add “awesomeness” to a game!

Objective: Enhance the look of the game with the use of post-processing effects

Ever wonder how games have that awesome glowing look when you fire off lasers or that pop with neon lights? That effect is done by adding a post-processing effect called Bloom.

In Unity, we need to install the Post Processing Package, create a Post Processing Volume, and start adding all the effects we want in this volume. Lets me show you how I got the explosion and thruster to look so good.

Installing Post Processing Package

In the Windows menu, select Package Manager and click on the Install button. Close the Package Manager after installing.

Create a Post Processing Volume

A Post Process Volume is basically telling Unity what we want to be affected by these effects.

Create an empty object and rename it to Post Process Volume. This will control all the post-processing effects of the game.

Add the Post Process Volume component

Check Is Global so the Post Processing Volume affects everything.

Click the New button to create a profile.

Creating a Post Processing Layer

Now, this is the first part of defining the “layer” that gets affected.

In the Hierarchy, click not the Main Camera and add a Post Process Layer component.

Select the Post Process Volume game object, under Layer, click on Add Layer…

Pick a layer and type Post Processing.

Select the Main Camera and in the Post Process Layer component, in Layer, choose the Post Processing layer you just created.

Now, we have created the layer and told the camera which post-processing layer is to be displayed.

Applying Bloom (Glow effect)

In the Hierarchy, select the Post Process Volume game object and in the Inspector, under Post-process volume, click on Add effect…

Navigate through Unity, and choose the Bloom effect.

In the Bloom setting, select All and increase the Intensity to about 12. Notice the glow effect around where we put the thruster.

When I go ahead and play the game, I am “blown” away by the awesome effect it has done for the explosions, so cool! Do you know the coolest thing about this, not one line of code was needed!

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