Game Development with raylib C++ — Day #1

Download and Installation

Jean-Noel Seneque
3 min readOct 25, 2021

This article kicks off a series for Developing Games using the raylib library in C++ and Visual Studio Code

Download and Install Visual Code

Go to this site and download Visual Studio Code

After installing, click on the Extension button and install C/++ for Visual Studio Code by Microsoft. Type C/C++ in the search box. Make sure you pick the one as shown below with the blue star, and click on the Install button.

Download and Install raylib

Go to this site and click on the Download Now button. You can donate but you don’t have to by clicking on No Thanks. Choose raylib 3.7 Windows Installer (with MinGW compiler). If you are reading this in the future, it's ok if the version numbers are different, just make sure it is the Min GW compiler.

Run the downloaded file and if you get a warning, click More Info and Run Anyway.

Go through the flow and accept the defaults and install raylib. This will create a portable installation in the c:\raylib folder.

Download raylib Template for Visual Studio Code

Go to my repository to download the zip for the template at

Extract this zip file and keep this somewhere as this is the starting point for every project you do. You simple just make a copy of the folder and rename it.

Go into the newly renamed folder and double-click on the main.code-workspace file. You will get a message pop-up, click on “Yes, I trust the authors”

We now have everything we need to create C++ games using raylib and Visual Studio Code (VSCode). In the next article, Create your first program, we create a basic structured raylib application with creating and display a window, then closing the window.

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